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About Me
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I was born 1941 in Koenigsberg situated at the most northern point of the Baltic Sea. Since the end of World War II, Koenigsberg belongs to the Soviet Union. The family escaped by ship in January 1945 to Hamburg in western Germany where I, after finishing high school, joined the Air Force. My career as an Air Defence Officer provided me with travel opportunities and I spend almost 5 years in El Paso, Texas/USA. With my wife and two children, we explored the vast country of America up to Canada and down to Mexico and Guatemala in a camper van.

I was lucky to retire early and found new interesting jobs in the field of management and operations. During this period my enthusiasm for travelling continued in Europe again by camper van. I enjoyed experiencing foreign countries their people and subsequent lifestyle. My first wife died when I was 64 and I am a proud father of two and grandfather of three.

As a child I loved to spend time in the woods in Hamburg bringing home pieces of wood I found interesting. I started to make simple toys and from here developed a strong affinity with wood.

In 2007, I moved to Australia with my Australian born second wife, settling in the Brisbane bay area. In this rich environment, my affinity with nature and my creative bond with wood were rekindled. I again started collecting interesting pieces of wood from fallen trees and turned these pieces into inspiring works of art.
I enjoy creating new ideas for bowls, boxes and patterns for rich inlay work. I find it a satisfying challenge to match a carving design to highlight the uniqueness of a piece of wood which then results in a totem pole. As much as possible I use the colour variability together with layers and textures in the wood to develop a unique style of my own. I love the smell of wood when turning a bowl and the soft touch of polished boxes. I try to improve my craftsmanship incorporating the living signs, textures and colours of the wood in all of my work.

I had 2 exhibitions in art galleries in Redcliffe (2013) and Caboolture (2014) and in addition my work has been sold at one local gallery on the sunshine coast
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The Art of Wood
Throughout high school, I enjoyed woodworking classes and further developed my affinity for wood enjoying its versatility. During my military career and raising a family, I found time to make practical furniture pieces such as bed frames, drawers, shelving and tables.